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Why your business needs a website

A good website is like having an unpaid member of your team who is willing to work 24 hours a day 7 days a week throughout the year, never going sick and will turn up on Christmas and bank holidays. A great website will attract people to your business and communicate your offer and values to the rest of the world, and convert visitors into actual cash paying customers.
But organising a new website can seem daunting, rather than exciting, particularly here in France, where communication may be an issue.

Websites for start up businesses in France

Getting your business found on the internet is one of the major keys to your success

Why use us?

You need someone to build your site for you and more importantly, for your customers. Your site needs to be found, and then needs to covert visitors into customers. We will do all of this and more. Moreover, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how little you’ll need to do to get started.
We recognise that it’s a busy world and people's time is at a premium, so we put together the wording for your site, obviously with your guidance and full control. And, if you need a website that is both French and English, we can accommodate this. So, the big question is…

Are we expensive?

No. We just love building websites.

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Ask about our special deal, get a starter site up and running for just 125 euros. Offer ends at the end of this month.

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As well as great websites, we offer very competitive prices. A Starter site will cost from 175 euros, which will be a basic one page scroll down site, complete with a contact form and dedicated email address for your business, and even a Google map to let your customers where you are. Depending on your budget, the price increases according to how big and fancy you want your website to be. A typical 5 page site may cost around 390€ so you can see that everything that we offer is affordable. There are minimal hosting fees of 7€ per month which not only cover the hosting, but domain name renewal and any minor alterations to your website. There are no hidden charges whatsoever, everything we do is transparent, except for the website design…

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    Other Services

    Need to Learn French? – Not for an exam but to get by in everyday life? …Look no further! On our team we have Kathryn Bohme who is dual lingo, and teaches both English and French. You can find out more about this and her other services here.